The new DisProt user interface with an improved user experience

We have simplified the DisProt interface and improved its loading speed for a better user experience

Written on Aug 11, 2021, by András Hatos, Federica Quaglia, Edoardo Salladini, Damiano Piovesan.

IDPs are a trending topic, and we think scientists should not have to worry about how to access data but only about how to improve their research. We released a new DisProt web interface that enhances user experience while preserving a familiar behavior.

We updated the DisProt application source code to Angular version 12, for a faster loading time and adopted the brand new Bootstrap, version 5 for a better look & feel. The DisProt interface is now more intuitive, thanks to a minimalistic, consistent design between different components.

To allow the best user experience we encourage our users to update their browser to the latest version. Compatible browsers are: Firefox 60+, Safari 10+, iOS Safari 10+, Chrome 60+, Android 6+.